Is cloud-gaming wrong

The limits of Cloud Gaming. The latency issue.

Latency, a major issue in action games, is alive and very present in cloud gaming. How can you beat an opponent when your display trails the action by a significant delay ?

A simple PacMan provides a good illustration of this effect.

Try to win on this modified version of Google's PacMan Doodle with different latency values. Check your scores. Imagine what this means to a car race, space ship cruising or a fighting game.

Go real time, go local !

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Tune the latency



The tech report
  • "you're looking at around 38MB per minute, or more than 2GB per hour. Depending on your monthly bandwidth cap, that could be a problem."
  • "The end result's image quality is about on par with a standard-definition YouTube video, which is quite a step down."
  • PC perspective
  • "The input lag on UT3 was so noticeably bad with the mouse and keyboard that I would call game simply unplayable."
  • "If you are an avid PC gamer you will likely be very disappointed by the experience, both in terms of image quality and input latency"

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